Why use Aurora Law?

It can be daunting approaching a law firm for advice.  Are you looking for the cheapest? Are you looking for the best so that you win? Are you looking for someone that can explain everything to you in a way you can easily understand?

At Aurora Law: We pride ourselves on being the very best value for money. We believe people that go to a lawyer want to win. ‘Winning’ means different things for each person. Whether it is simply getting the right answer to your question; holding someone else liable, or avoiding a problem for yourself, we certainly want you to win. We understand the law in a very thorough way. We can explain it very clearly to you. You will easily understand what options you have so you can make the right choice. 

While most people are concerned about the price, some are also concerned they might have trouble understanding all of the options. At Aurora Law we specialise in the cost effective delivery of legal services. We consider it very important that you know up front how much something might cost you, and that if we can find a way to achieve a good result cheaper, then we will tell you. 

We are also ‘plain English’ speakers. How can you make an informed decision if you are rushed or do not understand parts of it? While our lawyers will dress in formal attire to represent you in Court, around the office we just wear ‘smart casual’. You are always welcome to come in and discuss what is on your mind and we do not charge for this.

Come and spend time with the lawyers that are easy to get along with and let us all grow this region together.